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Boma is a linear lighting system for electrified tracks, available in two lengths, granting a high brightness and designed for high luminosity linear T5 fluorescent lamps.

Boma has a high frequency multipower gear, which automatically recognizes the lamp. This allows for the use of luminous sources of different wattages according to the applications, resulting in energy and cost savings, and in a greater flexibility of use.

Boma has got an extruded aluminium, polyester-painted housing and an extruded polycarbonate diffuser.

A dynamic and versatile element, Boma can be used in combination with other lighting fittings, such as floodlights, to create a uniform, flexible and effective illumination. It is ideal to enhance areas with a large size and many different settings as well, such as shopping malls, display areas, open plan offices, shops, collective service areas, with a high visual comfort.

Boma is available in suspended version.

The joint that allows Boma to be adjusted in variable positions, is registered as a Utility model for orientation and rotation.

Adjustable up to 350° on the horizontal axis. Titable up to 165°.

Boma is a registered design model and has been selected for ADI Design Index 2011.
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